Games & Children's IllustrationsThese are samples from Ed’s Games & Children’s Illustrations gallery.  Contact Ed to discuss any work you need done.  It’s good to let Ed know about deadlines and also budgets so he may have a clearer sense of what you’re looking for and how much time he will be able to give to the project.  Either way, Ed will get right back to you!

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Buddy 18 .jpeg
buddy 8 .jpeg
Shark-a-Stack Game
Deli Dash Game
Upper Deck Game
Catch & Release Crew \"Fun in the Sunfish\"
\"Pull a tiger by the tail\" Jenga Jungle
Catch & Release Crew \"Pick a Fight Perch\"
Karate Catfish
Catch & Release Crew Strike Out Trout
Catch & Release Crew \"Bully Bass\"
Knight Stories
Knight Stories
Buddy the Catfish
Red Farm Studio Cards
Hummingbird can sew
Chickadee can paint
Crash of Rhino
Too Many Children